Storm Readiness

Recovering from Hurricane Nicole


Town Square Residents Club
has reopened to residents today. Our landscape services team will be working all day throughout the community to clear debris from roads and alleys. Please be patient with them as they work.

Please use the links below to access valuable information that can assist you in preparedness. Scroll down to view FAQs and updates about our community specifically.

Orange County Storm Information
National Hurricane Center Forecast
Independence Hurricane Plan


What is open?


Town Square Residents Club
 is open.
Lake Trail Fitness Center is open.
Cortland Independence offices are open.

What is closed?


Pool Decks are closed.
Boat Ramps should not be used.
Camp Dubois Nature Trail is closed.

Are there any changes to Association meetings?


Safety & Security Committee Meeting RESCHEDULED to Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 6:30 p.m.
Rules & Regulations Committee Hearing TO BE RESCHEDULED
Master Association Budget Meeting TO BE RESCHEDULED
Townhomes II Budget Meeting still scheduled for Friday, Nov. 11 at 6:30 p.m.

Are there any changes to Lifestyle events this weekend?

Not at this time. All scheduled Lifestyle programs will go forward as planned:
- Paint Party (21+), Friday 11/10 at 7 p.m.
- Breakfast with Santa, Saturday 11/12 at 9 a.m.

I live in a townhome. What repairs are my responsibility?

The Association* is responsible for your property's landscaping, so we will be addressing broken limbs, damaged plantings, and any issues with your irrigation system (which should be disabled while the ground is still very wet).

Homeowners are responsible for any necessary repairs to the exterior of your own home, including: downed fence panels or gates, screen enclosure panels missing, personal decorations that are damaged, and roof or gutter repairs.

*Each of our four townhome communities is governed by its own Association and Board of Directors. Please consult your specific governing documents for more information.

How do I get rid of my tree and yard debris?

Orange County will be collecting yard waste and debris on the normal pickup schedule for your neighborhood. Click here to see when you are scheduled for debris pickup.

- Yard waste includes vegetative landscaping material as well as grass, tree, and shrub trimmings, and should not be placed in the garbage or recycling roll cart.
- Bundle limbs, palm fronds, and similar items with string. Keep bundles three feet long or less. Limit weight to less than 60 pounds.
- Yard waste should be placed at the curb no earlier than 6:00 p.m. the night before and no later than 6:00 a.m. on your scheduled collection day.
- Limit yard waste to three cubic yards (about one small pickup truckload) per household per week.
- Use your own garbage cans or plastic bags for collection. Cans and bags must be 50 gallons or less and weigh less than 60 pounds each when full.
- Cans must be waterproof with a tight-fitting lid and have handles on the sides.
- Don't mix yard waste with garbage.

Can the Association recommend a tree company?

We are not able to make specific recommendations for tree companies. It is always a good idea to check the unofficial community social media pages on platforms like Facebook and NextDoor to see if there are providers who have done quality services for your neighbors. Alternatively, you can search for professional contractors on aggregate sites like Houzz or Angi.

I have concerns about my street or alley's drainage. Who can I call?

Orange County Public Works maintains the stormwater management system in Independence. You can make a report by dialing 407-836-3111 or visiting Orange County's website at

Am I allowed to remove my own damaged tree?

Yes. If the tree is blocking a street, alley, or sidewalk, it should be removed as soon as safely possible. Follow the guidelines above for disposal of yard debris if you are doing the landscape work on your own.

Are assessments still being collected on schedule?

Yes. Homeowners can make payments for their monthly assessments by stopping by Town Square Residents Club during regular hours, or visiting the Connect Resident Portal to make a payment online.

How can I report an item of concern in the community, such as a tree down?

Contact our Management team at Town Square Residents Club. You can walk in during regular hours, call 407-654-7479, or email [email protected].

Important Contacts

Before and after the storm, here are a few key contacts that you can use to help us restore the community to normal as quickly as possible.

Town Square Residents Club

How to reach us
407.654.7479 or [email protected]
When to contact us
- Reporting common area landscaping damage
- Downed trees or limbs on sidewalks and roads
- Landscaping damage on a Townhome lot
- Issues at a community amenity, such as a Residents Club, gazebo, park, pool, etc.

24/7 Resident Care Center

How to reach them
When to contact them
- Alternate contact for the Association's management team. They can raise tickets and make notes for Management to address on-site.
- Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Orange County Government

How to reach them
407.836.3111 or
When to contact them
- Roadway flooding, blockage with trees or limbs, buckling or damage to roadways or storm drains
- Sidewalk blockage or repairs due to buckling
- Storm sewer backups or blockages
- Retention pond or lake concerns
- Law enforcement, fire, and EMS (dial 911 for emergency services)

Duke Energy Florida

How to reach them
800.700.8744 or
When to contact them
- Streetlights out or down
- Power lines down, or local power outages in your neighborhood

Lake Apopka Natural Gas District

How to reach them
407.656.2734 or
When to contact them
- Interruptions in natural gas service
- Smell of gas in the air (call 911 as well)

Orange County Solid Waste

How to reach them
407.836.6601 or
When to contact them
- Limbs and trees that need to be removed as waste
- Notification of missed trash pickups